About tickset.com

We are not like everyone else. We are simple. Supersimple. As a matter of fact so simple that if you tear something down to it's pieces, and build it up without all the unnecessary parts. Simple is important for us, so let's explain what simple is for us.

What is simple?

Simplicity is to do something really good. This to reach the perfect simpleness. Focus on what is core. All the extra parts not needed, need to go away. You will not see the wood for the trees. Most often these days everyone focuses on building feature after feature. Going away from simple.

We incorporate simple here. That is how we want to go through life. In a world today, more digital than ever, simple is the best thing. Just connect and get going. No projects, no onboarding. Things are only a thought(click) away. We get food delivered to the door. We open our door with our phone or thumb.

This is where we found a market where simple was forgotten: you, selling tickets online.

Ticksets first steps

That's when the idea, or urge, was born. We wanted to make it simpler for event organizers. We, the four entrepreneurs, had competence in programming, digital behaviors, sales and events. Started creating a product that now has helped so many. It felt like a friend already from the beginning. A tool so simple that you can just log in and start selling tickets.

Talking about supersimple is one this. Achieving it is another. For us, it was clear from the beginning. We wanted to change how tickets are being sold. Today we have what is possibly the most simple tool to sell tickets, in the world.

We are people helping people

With us you have people to ask for help. Your dedicated success manager. Someone to call, email or chat with. We are always here. The human touch is important for us as well as being there in the correct channels and timezones.

Being like white on rise with clients, has helped us get to know Tickset even better. Understanding you, your needs and what's wanted in the product. That brings us to the future.

The future

We are still young in this business but alone in our niche. The future is at our feet and we are eager to explore h it will take us. What direction, what is the goal or what is the end? For sure, the goal is big. To get there we have a plan. A mental picture of our goal that is so present that it is real for us.

Simple is in our hands now. When we shoot, we aim high. Sweden is where it all started, but now we are global. With our first steps close to heart. All the experience and learnings we bring on our journey. You, the clients will decide where we go.

We know it is global, with our simplicity as the main tool and our strength to say no to unnecessary things. No to excess. We have built a product, unlike our competitors, that is unique. No extravagant features and stuff. Our product is a super here dressed in a t-shirt and jeans.

That is also why we are so cheap, compared to our competitors. You do not need to pay for all the extra features and stuff you do not use.

This is Tickset

Let us summarize our existence. The first grasp of an idea was to create the world's most simple tool to sell tickets digitally. Today we have created that and do just that - all over the world.

We never look at the competition. We go our own way. Or no, we go the way you tell us. We go against all the big giants. We never forget where we are going. With a smile on our mouth and packed with passion in every ticket that is sold with Tickset. That is what keeps us going.

See ya!//Simon, Philip, Tomas